I'm Stephen. I'm a full-time wedding photographer - that's entirely how I earn my living. I love it!

But I'm not always taking photos or editing in front of the computer. This is the page where you get to find out a little bit about me and what makes me tick...

I'm extremely fortunate to live in an absolutely beautiful part of the country - a little village out in the sticks on the outskirts of Winchester, and on the edge of the South Downs. Along with my beautiful wife Tasha and our two Miniature Schnauzers Popeye and Milo (both very reluctant and impatient models) we're living the country dream. I've always been a bit of a country boy at heart, growing up on the edge of the New Forest, although alongside that I have indulged my city-living side - firstly in Brighton and then in Paris. Hampshire is most definitely home though.

When I haven't got a camera in my hand I'll occasionally be found knee-deep in the rough on a golf course somewhere, dangling off a rope on the side of a cliff trying to look a lot cooler and less scared than I feel at that time, or scrambling up mountains (not too many of those in Hampshire unfortunately - I have to travel to indulge myself in that).

My big thing is food though. Cooking it, eating it... less-so the washing up side of things perhaps (I can get through a serious amount of pans in a very short amount of time, and create a pretty serious mess while I'm doing so!). I'm a bit of a freestyler in the kitchen - following recipes isn't really for me, although I can quite happily sit down and read a recipe book through like a novel for the ideas. More often than not it seems to work, although I've had a few dishes in my time which have been perhaps an experiment too far... happily the pub across the road can occasionally step in as a back-up plan.