For me, wedding photography is about capturing the whole story of the day as it unfolds - the emotion, the joy, the little details and the special moments happening all around you. My storybook approach combines a significant amount of discreet reportage photography throughout the day, the small details which make a big impression, and some more established shots at key moments. Why? It means that firstly I can capture people in a more natural state, when they are less conscious of having a camera pointed at them. Often shooting from afar with a long lens, I can keep an eye out for special details and intriguing moments and telling the real story of your day.

It also means that the photography is a less intrusive part of the day, so that you can relax and concentrate on what's most important - enjoying and sharing your time with family and friends. It's your day, not mine. I learned this lesson at my own wedding - there are so many people to see and talk to, and they all want to see and talk to you too.


But that doesn't mean that you will just end up with a photo-journalistic record of your day. I will still step in and arrange certain shots, I will still take the important group shots that you want, and hopefully we will also have some time to take you to one side and capture some really special and beautiful images of just the two of you.

You will be putting a huge amount of thought and effort into your day, and I know that the little details can be just as important as the big decisions. These are the finishing touches which will apprear throughout your photos and slideshow, and when you look back on them you will find that they bring back so many memories, not just of the day itself but also all the planning, preparation and effort as you built up to the day of your wedding.

Storybook photography is a really powerful way of recording your wedding. It looks natural and reflects the emotions of the people who were there, it captures little moments which were happening elsewhere and which you might not have seen on the day, it allows for creative and imaginative photography and gives you a set of images which will stand out and bring back all sorts of memories for you and for everyone else who sees them. It takes a huge amount of pressure off the two of you, and it will show the people who couldn't be there how wonderful your wedding was, from start to finish.

And it's great fun... and when the pressure's off and people are relaxed and enjoying themselves, it shows!

If you would like to see examples of a full storybook slideshow please contact me and I would be delighted to show you examples from recent weddings - the full and finished product just as the couple received it.